Karen Ollosson - BSc Mental Health Nursing - Student Nurse

Real Ales for the Home Brewer - Marc Ollosson
Real Ales for the Home Brewer is proud to sponsor Karen

University of East Anglia Career Central
UEA Career Central have kindly helped

NNUH Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital
NNUH NHS have provided invaluable help

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Go Travel are proud to sponsor Karen

Donations, sponsorship & funding

As I mentioned on the front page an elective does cost and whilst Karen has heavily invested in her education & career to care for others within the NHS and her local community, there comes a point where reaching out to others for help becomes a necessity.

All donations will help towards travelling costs, accommodation, insurance cover (Unison have donated indemnity cover) & booking costs of getting to the placement, the cost of buying scrubs as the uniform Karen has from the University of East Anglia, will not be appropriate for the Tanzanian climate. Karen would like to be able to take latex gloves with her and other items such as disposable tourniquets  that she can protect herself & others when there and then be able to leave them for local staff and other students when she comes back to the UK.

How can you help?

Karen will gratefully accept donations of funding, sponsorship or individual items that are required.

If you are able to kindly help with this valuable volunteering work & learning experience in this, sadly, much stigmatised area of health care, then please donate via the PayPal or Go Fund Me  links below.

Karen also needs items to go on the volunteer working elective and an Amazon wishlist has been set up highlighting those products if you prefer to help and donate in that manner rather than cash donations, or please contact Karen to discuss how you can / want to help sponsor her or otherwise help fund the  working volunteer elective placement in a mental health setting in a Tanzanian hospital.

The target Karen is aiming for is now £2000.

This is less than the total amount of approx. £5000 as Karen will be funding the difference herself. Karen knows this is a large target to aim for but it is sincerely hoped that people, like yourself,  will want to help and support a student nurse to gain the most experience she can. To greatly benefit, not just those suffering with mental health in Africa, but also those patients who she wants to care for in the UK & her local community in Norfolk when she qualifies as a nurse. 

Your donation can and will really help make a difference both now and in future years!

Karen has lived in Norfolk for the past 17 years and within that time frame has worked within the NHS for the last 10 years at NSFT, caring for those in her local community. When she qualifies she hopes to gain employment within Norfolk so this really is a local student who wants to put even more in to her community when she qualifies.

Please donate using one of the options below - GoFundMe or PayPal

Karen has now been on her elective and  sponsorship is no longer required

Karen has now been on her elective and sponsorship is no longer required

We have had a report there may be an issue with the GoFundMe page not working quite as it should :-( if this does happen with you then please could you consider using the PayPal option instead. However donations via PayPal don't reflect in the total shown in the GoFundMe box, however when donations are received  I then update the text in purple below and it is the purple text that shows how close we are to target as it takes into account GoFundMe, PayPal, Awards & cash donations 

TOTAL RAISED was an amazing £1210
Thank you so much to all who have very kindly donated or sponsored Karen

If the total cash donations received exceeds the £2000 target set then any and all excess will be donated to, and split equally , between two mental health charities, Nelsons Journey & YoungMinds

This elective also gives a golden opportunity to local organisations and business to make their brand more known. To further highlight and evidence their commitments to investing in the community their business serves. 14 large national & international organisations have kindly & generously reached out and sponsored Karen. There is still plenty of opportunity for your organisation to publicise your services and your products and join the likes of Qatar, Sports Direct and many others in sponsoring Karen.

1 in 4 people will, very sadly,  suffer with mental health issues at some point in their lifetime in the UK. Therefore by lending valuable support to enhance the work experience & knowledge base of a student nurse, an organisation or business will also be helping to ensure there are enough nurses, looking to the the future, to care for those in their workforce and the local community at large who might suffer.

What is needed?

Other than the much needed funding, various items will be required to either help keep Karen safe, protected & clean, such as scrubs, gloves, alcohol gel and aprons or items that will help her avoid injury & mishap such as sun protection, mosquito repellents & netting to water purification.

For a full list of what is needed please click here to see them on this site.

Karen has used a very reputable, renowned & well respected firm to help her organise the elective. Work the World operate in many different countries to ensure that global students and local hospitals, clinics and other health led initiatives enjoy a mutually beneficial working and knowledge sharing relationship.

Karen Ollosson - BSc Mental Health student nurse - Tanzanian Elective to Dar es Salaam 2017

Karen Ollosson  Student Nurse

Sports Direct - great products, great service & great pricing
Sports Direct Are Proud Sponsors of Karen's Elective to Tanzania 2017
NSFT NHS - Norfolk & Suffolk Mental Health Trust

NSFT , Norfolk & Suffolk Foundation Trust), NHS are happy to support Karen in her elective.
NSFT have also provided Karen with invaluable work based experience and supported her with a career break
MDF instruments - creators of fine medical equipment since 1971

have generously supported Karen in her elective.

 The MDF Instruments Crafting Wellness initiative is honoured to support Sputnik Voyage 2020; Sam, Cass, Sally and Mateo on their voyage around the world. 
We hope that their journey will bring a new perspective to their live and the lives of their children. 
Learn more about the Crafting Wellness initiative and how your medical mission can be supported here:  https://www.mdfinstruments.com/crafting-wellness/
Express Pharmacy are proud to sponsor Karen and have ensured her health is protected against malaria during the elective  
clothing for work - superb quality medical scrubs & work-wear
Clothing for Work are proud to sponsor Karen and help ensure infection control is maintained with scrubs