Karen Ollosson - BSc Mental Health Nursing - Student Nurse

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Karen in her role

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Please note the elective has now occurred and this site is for historical purposes

Elective Placement - BSc Mental Health Nursing

What is a nursing elective overseas about?

It is all about students, like myself, choosing to undertake unpaid voluntary work so that we can gain experience & knowledge  of health care in a different setting to the ones we are used to. This can be subtly differing or a difference that is a total shock to the system 

It allows a student nurse to gain valuable insight that can be used to greatly benefit future patient care, 

"It offers the opportunity to experience how health care is delivered in an under resourced environment" Alasdair Thompson, Senior Elective Consultant at Work the World

Depending what a student chooses to do, it can be a chance to experience a different culture. This is not just in the sense of lifestyle, but also in terms of methodology and nursing practices. The student can learn a new language, meet other people, local students and other healthcare professionals.

Obviously all this does come at a price and whilst Karen has invested much time and money in becoming a qualified nurse to help care for others, especially those with mental health needs, funding and sponsorship for this elective will be required.

The total base cost for this elective is in the region of £4500. Karen will also require other very important safety & medical requirements such as antimalarials, vaccinations,  not forgetting appropriate clothing, such as scrubs,  and other incidentals.

If you are able to donate funding, sponsorship or individual items then this would be hugely appreciated. You will be helping to ensure that when Karen qualifies as a registered mental health nurse that she will be bringing a wealth of experience in various settings with her and be more prepared to provide excellent ongoing care to NHS patients. 

More details can be found on the donate tab

Work the World is a well respected & renowned  global leader in elective placements, and  were chosen to help organise this elective to ensure best value and that the host country, local hospital & local community also benefited from the placement.

As time marches ever closer towards the elective we find that there has been much kindness and generosity with regards items required - we now find that nearly all kit has been sourced.

Due to the sad and high prevalence of HIV / AIDS the TOP PRIORITY now is a HIV PEP KIT - this will ensure Karen gets rapid treatment to prevent HIV taking a hold. Whilst Karen does and will continue to practive high levels of infection control, cross contamination & infection from needle stick, deliberate or accidental  infection by others is always a risk. The HIV PEP kit does not negate the risk but it does provide a high degree of rapid mitigation and hopefully a high degree of minimising chances of full blown HIV taking hold.

The kit is £200 - if you are able to help on this then please contact Karen to discuss. 

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